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Senin, 04 Desember 2017


What is stretch film?
Multilayer polyethylene stretch films used to wrap industrial and commercial products to platforms for shipping and storage. Stretch films are made from linear low-density polyethylene resins that may be used for load containment. Machine films are the preferred method in high volume accounts such as coiled metal production where speed and consistency of wrapping are needed.

STRETCH  FILM digunakan untuk mengikat dan membungkus barang-barang yang disusun rapi untuk memudahkan transportasi pengiriman, melindungi barang dari hujan dan debu, mengurangi kerusakan selama pengangkutan, meningkatkan keamanan kerja dan meningkatkan kecepatan memuat dan membongkar barang.

Why pre-stretch film?
 Pre-stretched film offers more yield per roll and normally gets stronger when stretched.

What keeps the wrapped load secure to the pallet?
 Films have “Memory”, while applying the film it is stretched as it is being applied. This memory pulls on the film creating tension, keeping the load tight to the platform.

Can film tension be adjusted in automatic applications?
Yes. Film tension may be adjusted by manually changing the tension settings on automatic wrapping machines. For heavier loads such as metal coils, a “roped” film may be applied for added securement strength.

What is automatic stretch film roping?
A packaging process that transforms stretch film into a strand that simulates a rope for extra product containment and then automatically applies those ropes to the package and platform in a predetermined pattern.

 Are there various predetermined roping patterns that are acceptable?
Yes. Common roping patterns are referred to as 1-3 and 2-2 depending on the number of corners the rope catches per revolution of the wrap.

Are there other components of a successful film roping packaging system?
Yes. Individual protective packaging and friction base components are merged with an automatic stretch film roping system and a preferred shipping platform, e.g. wood skids, to provide protection against product surface damage.

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